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Even as a teenager, I was fascinated by being able to form creative images with technical means. So I started my first attempts at canvas at the age of 14 with a Super 8 camera. At 17, I learned the classic photography craft from scratch in Munich. Where I started with styles and portraits, passport photos and interior design. I then traveled Europe as a photo assistant in fashion photography for editorial and advertising. So I lived and worked in Milan, was on the Cote d`Azur, on the Canary Islands and in the Alps for sportive fashion. With this rich experience I then opened my own photo studio in Munich. In doing so, I specialized in set cards and catalogs in addition to fashion and commercial photography. My hobbies like mountain biking and skiing eventually brought me towards fun sports photography. Here I worked with many well-known German magazines like Fit for Fun, Bike and many more. Whereby the portfolio ranged from photo productions to action shots and travel reports. Today I am still internationally for topics such as biking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing and hiking much in the mountains as well as for water sports such as sailing and kitesurfing on and in the water. I have now expanded my portfolio to include lifestyle, event as well as wedding photography. Architecture is also back in the mix. Finally, cultural themes, especially the representation of Bavarian traditions, round out my offer.
Fotograf Franz Faltermaier
Photographer Franz Faltermaier, Chiemsee, Chiemgau
Sports Portfolio
Oldtimer, Stillife, Sachaufnahme, Chiemgau Studio, Fotograf Franz Faltermaier
Stills Portfolio
Franz Faltermaier Sport Event Fotograf Chiemgau Studio
Events Portfolio
Franz Faltermaier Architektur Fotograf Chiemgau Studio
Architecture Portfolio
People Portfolio
Fotograf Franz Faltermaier Landschaftsaufnahme, Bike Magazin Freeride - Island Mountainbike Trip
Journalism Portfolio

Franz Faltermaier

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